Little Big Observatory!

Hi there ! Here’s a small scene I made last week. It’s a tiny observatory lost in the desert.

I’ve also created a night version and made a basic camera movement. I really enjoyed making this one, hope you’ll like it too !


It looks delightful, I wish I could someday learn to create this quality of rendering and modeling too! :heart_eyes:


Thank you !! Not sure it will be of any help but I added a screenshot of my workspace with a preview of lighting and a basic procedural shader.

I’ll try to give more details about lighting and shaders in my next scene !


Thank you! It’s so cute!!!

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It’s very cute!

Would you be interested in a bit of critique? Nothing major, I like your work.

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Thanks ! For sure, I take everything that can help.

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There’s one thing that distracts me, and that’s the DOF effect. It includes the telescope, and my eyes don’t like that because it’s the entry point of interest that should lead into the observatory. But it doesn’t because it is blurred; my eyes return to it because they can’t make it out. It’s like you’re saying “It’s an observatory! But pay no attention to what actually makes it an observatory.”

I think I’d enjoy the image more if the entire building were in focus.

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Thank you for pointing it, you’re right !

I made a new render and some compositing to get the telescope sharp in the main image !

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you very much Bart !

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Sorry, I didn’t save your screenshot and can’t find it now, if it’s possible, please, show it once more :clap:

Hey ! I might be a little tired but I don’t think I deleted anything :wink: The workspace screenshot should be at the end of the first post !
I just added another one, just in case. I will probably make a small video of my lighting process in January, it will be more understandable (for a more interesting scene than this one in terms of lighting) !

Love it! I especially like the highly convex lens! :+1: :+1:

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Great,I like it :blender_logo_64_png:

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