Little Big Planet in Blender

Who is up to do something like Little Big Planet in blender

Hah, that’s shooting for the stars all right… but hey, maybe you’ll reach the moon.

LOL!!! I love these joke post…

I think this is a good idea.
LBP is a very good game idea and not very complex to make as it looks first…

I think I’d love little big planet but I’d be more interested in getting blender created content into little big planet, or any other ps3 game/home thing for that matter.

Already happening! BlenderLife™
It will be going online soon. Go check it out!:cool:

What? Its not that complicated!? The problem would be the in game editor and booleans, but it wouldn’t be very hard to make a game of it with premade levels.

ya first with pre made levels

I believe the main work will be with the scripting. but with a script guru it is very much possible.

Maybe with metaballs?

I made a site and a forum to this project

i have a demo with a little level ( just solids) and a rolling ball, all made with logic bricks