Little Big Planet?

I’m new to Blender, I’ve been using it for a month now. I made a bunch of small demos to see how I can use the GE. I decided To slowly learn Python. At the moment Im working on chacter Movement. (Walk Cycle)
I found a good tutorial so im working on that right now.
Im not good at setting the lights. most the objects have normal maps aka in 3dsmax as bump maps. Hopefully by posting a picture people can give advice on how to set a better light up for the scene. Anways heres a pic of what i got so far.


To make textures into normal maps i use

I think the lighting is good as is. Maybe you could try baking some ambient occlusion into the scene?

I will def try that. I did mess with the baking textures but I didn’t really understand it too much. Im gona look for a good tut now and see what i can come up with. Im stomped on how to make my lil guy move! 2nd day working on him!