Little bit of fun with lighting and postprocessing


Here is short ~40s animation with scene Lighting Challenge #17: Natural History.
Models were made by Alvaro Luna & Joel Anderson.
Movie: (~5MB, xvid, 800x450)
Render time for whole movie was about 20h in 1280x720 on single quad.

holy crap. is that ssgi? the lighting is simply stunning

very nice :slight_smile:

amazing!! please share your knowledge with everybody, what about a making of?


Yes please - a tutorial (very detailed of course)!

Okay, really this entire scene could become a tutorial that starts of with you as a newbie doing a bone then modeling the entire dinosaur (ouch) mid level maybe lighting etc and final could be animation and rendering?

kerkythea, it’s mentioned at the end of the animation. :slight_smile: