Little bit of quick modeling

(rivenwanderer) #1

I was talking with a friend who wanted something to model, so I said a pair of headphones… just had to outdo him :smiley: So I made this, over the course of an hour {not steady working but also surfing/talking too}

I know it’s very simplified and stuff but I’m putting it in finished projects because I don’t really want to work with it more :stuck_out_tongue:

(bg3D) #2

Whooooa! Cool headphones, man. ]
Now, just make some nice textures and they’d be reeeeally cool!
It needs a scene, maybe you should’ve posted in the
Works In Progress forum.
eh, who cares? no biggy.

(rivenwanderer) #3

Yeah, I know, it’s not really “finished”, but I think I’m finished working on it for now, at least.

(pofo) #4

I like them as they are (perhaps that’s why I so seldom bother to rexture my own stuff). Not lots of detail and color, call it stylized :smiley:

Good modeling

  1. pofo

(belac) #5

needs textures, but the model looks good!