little box test image

(niewiesznic) #1

a little test of the box …i will use it in something else, this test is only to see how does it look in environment…


(BgDM) #2

very nice :o

Looks very photoreal. can’t wait to see it in the environment you want it in.


(IamInnocent) #3

Very, very neat work !

Two points :
-the shawdows on the brick walls, I guess, were there on the image you mapped already. No placement of the lighting can account for them. Maybe just inverting it for one of the two walls in a 2D soft would be enough. Anyway, in most cases, few people will notice.
-your wood, although almost veneer thin, would crack if bent so sharply, even wet, even steamed. I’m a cabinetmaker. Relax the curve somewhat. It’ll even look better and you have done such a great job at having no part repeating mechanically.

Again : bravo !

(ScottishPig) #4

Not bad. Good texturing.

(niewiesznic) #5

thanks for the comments.

2 things.

First its a test of a box, so the floor and walls are done from royalty free textures, simple planes with attached images to them.I didnt want to make it real.Its only about the box.i wanted to see how it looks in simple environment.i plan to use it later in something else…////.

Second, the real box looks EXACTLY like this on the pic.The wood wouldnt crack, because it has pressed line in the place where it bends.

thats it.

(IamInnocent) #6

That’s a little curt. Did my comments angry you ? Why ask then ? So much for my trouble.

(niewiesznic) #7 didnt angry me. i just explained. :slight_smile:
i have thanked everyone for the comments.
thats why i posted it in here.

thats it.