Little butterfly animation

Hi all.

I have recently started to learn animation.

this is a very short film made to see the motion of my butterflys.

I will love honest feedback, tips and trix if you have any.



I think that’s looking pretty good. It’s neat how you have them interacting with each other around the loop bend. I don’t know too much about animation, but I would say that it does look like they are following a path. Having a bit more irregularity in the flight path and almost like they are jumping around, going one way and then all of a sudden turning and going another way, as can be seen a little bit in this video: might help. Something else might be to give the butterflies a feeling of weight, as though the wings were using the air to lift the abdomen as can be seen in this video: instead of the abdomen going in a straight line while the wings are flapping around it. Although with how fast they flap their wings, you may not be able to see it in the final animation, so I’m not sure if it would help or not. It really is looking pretty good though.