'Little Chance: Water Walk - DIY' - An interactive environment created with BGE

I made a work using the game engine of Blender 2.64. It’s not really a game in the sense of winning anything, rather a ‘POV’ interactive environment to be walked around and interacted with to activate noises, voices, music and text. When the blue circle appears in the centre of the screen, it is an indication that a mouse click will activate a sound from an object or cause a text to appear beside a picture on the wall.

The video you can see from the link below is a sample screen recording of an artwork that is an interactive game environment - I would have liked to put an interactive version online but couldn’t find a way of doing that with an apple mac (any suggestions?).

The work was originally conceived for ‘Hydromemories’, an interdisciplinary artistic project on the theme of water - hydromemories.com as an interpretation of John Cage’s sound piece ‘Water Walk’ - a composition of sounds made from water related domestic appliances and objects with random sounds from radios (vimeo.com/12996000). Using the game engine of Blender to create the virtual environment of my own kitchen and bathroom, it elaborates on the pure sound of Cage’s composition to include images, text and audio voices representing key players and opinions in the contemporary contestation over issues of global ownership and access to water.

Any critique, feedback and suggestions are welcome.


vimeo link had some problems but with youtube option now too should be viewable.