Little compositing project...

Before getting frustrated reading this, this is a freelance project that hasn’t been released to the public. That being said, I can’t use specific names or show any final renders (yet).

So recently I was commissioned to do some animation for a car commercial. It started out as simply the animation, but my client needed the final piece to be in LightWave so they could render it. Blender, having a native MDD exporter, made the process all to simple to animate in Blender, MDD out and render in LightWave. All good, but my client had trouble with the MDD’s, etc. etc… They ended up asking me to render and composite the project on my end. Having the animation already done in Blender, and blender having a built in compositing system, I decided to complete the entire project within Blender.

After several hours of compositing, here is what my node flow looks like:

… not bad for my first time compositing in Blender :slight_smile:

I’ll post the final, full project as soon as I have a release for it.