little confused about measures..

Hi… :slight_smile: recently I was offered a job where I have to create in-house designs etc. But to do that I have to be precise and create everything in the right measure, like if I have a room wdth. 6 m and length 15 then I have to create the same in Blender… unfortunatlly I can’t find any type of measurment tool in Blender :frowning: is there any?

There is the object properties dialog (“N”), and a couple of other tools, but Blender is not a CAD application.

Do a search through the forums for ‘cad’, ‘autocad’, ‘architecture’. The subject has been discussed a few times.

Here are a couple of links I found.


Or, is it problem to say that 1 blender unit will be 10 cm (or what you want)?

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