Little cool thigs we've found in 2.48

I just found a new feature in 2.48, and i tough in making this thread were we can all post the things we find new in 2.48 that are not so obvious.

So here i go first : If you have the frame number showing in the viewport (if you dont you can enable it in the user preferences at the top) if there is a keyframe in that frame it looks yellow, if its not it look white.

The color may change depending on your theme, but the feature is the same.

Who’s next ?:D:D:D:D

If you turn off mipmaping in the preferences, the textures in the viewport will also not be interpolated.

I just realized a good one, even if its not from the new version , is very good.

We know we can change the workspace to another view by pressing crt+left or right arrow.

But did you know that, that working space can be a different scene ?
that’s cool.

This is a good thread!

I have 2 really awesome things:
The rt value is located in the Anim Panel of the Render Subcontext (F10) of the Scene Context in the Buttons Window.

If you change rt to 1, you get a Render Simplification Panel next to the Render Panel.

If you change rt to 42 you can access Theeth’s Skeleton Generator (located in Edit Mode in the Editing Context (F9)).

Hmm, does the skeleton gen work?
First test, on a plane.
Instant Crash!
Ooh, It does!
Second test on a Cube, then 2 cubes, worked but objects not linked to armature.

Oh well.
I’m I’m a big fan of the new text editor.
Find & Replace & some other new toys are great for editing scripts.
For the pure nerd:
I had to enjoy the “Make Star Wars Text” Text to 3d Object. (Camera View):smiley:

I didn’t know you could load fonts after making text to 3d text.

I did not know that Convert to 3d Text has been around since Blender 2.30.
(I Checked!)

Well, I found in 2.48 that I should pay more attention to what is here.
Not what is to come.:wink:

The keyframe indicator and even the convert text to 3D are very handy functions i didnt knew before :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!
A few minutes ago i just figured out what’s the smooth view value for…i bet it isn’t new in blender, just new for me :smiley: but this viewport rotation looks really cool.

well i still havent…could u explain ???:stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, first of all rise the value up to 1000.
After you did this, you can change the viewport position with a smooth transition by pressing the numpad numbers.

allright! i knew that, its in the preference settings ;D