little demo and my model in 20000 poly =)

demagesystem and use mypos in ai [/img]
and model for game in 20000 polygons =)

The demo runs realy slow becaues you subdivided the ground to hell and back. I have a fairly good system and you crashed it. Congratulations.

LMAO :smiley:

… but this demo, and on my 1000 mhz with riva tnt 2 =) have 14 fps
… and…MY PC Not very sucks in the world !!! =)

with this model in 20000 poly i have too 14 fps !

but physics …
this script ( mypos ) - dont used physics , activated enemy and deactivated -out from battle coord, and you have more fps !

p.s. sorry for my bad english =)

Use less polys!!!

For a HIGH-POLY game model, you would use about 2000 tris. For a regular one, try to keep below 1000.

BTW, the gamplay in the blend is okay, but the tank is much too bumpy and the ground is subdivided WAY too much. For a ground that size, you could easily get away with 500 tris, and have it look MUCH better.