Little Dinossaur

Here’s my last project, using Blender Cycles, ZBrush and Gimp.
I still think it could be improved, so every comment is very welcome.

Very cute! Poor little thing…

haha cute one…

I agree with the others that he looks pretty cute. I would also assume that he’s not a dinosaur from Earth judging from the pair of antennas on his head.

sure he’s cute…until he eats you.

It looks amazing like this. I love the pose, is it rigged or sculpted that way?

Thanks for the comments, I’m glad you guys liked it!
His name is Ponpon, an alien dino! haha

It has a basic rigging, just for posing. But I did some corrective sculpting is some areas with the multires and the displace applied.
I also used the vegetation from the Grass Essentials package. And his eyes were painted in Gimp.
Here’s a clay render: