Little Dragon


So, my newest Projekt. This is my small Dragon. I used Toon-Shaders, i think u see it :wink:
btw. i am a bit tired, my english is bad and so i dont want to write a long Text. I only modeled the parts which you can see on the Render, say it isn’t a whole creature with arms and legs and so on. Just the Head, a Part of the back and a part of the Arms and the Legs :slight_smile:
I’m not really good at modeling bodies of humans or creatures, but i wanna get better in modelling heads and later i’ll try to model some bodys :cool:

So, Replys plz. And if you guys have any ideas for the scene, post it, i dont know where this dragon shall stand.

Sorry for my bad english, i wrote as good as i can :smiley:

Nice modelling! I like the toonshader. The shadow at the eye is a bit weird, or is it the eyelid. Maybe you can put it somewhere in the mountains, or in a cave or something!

Hey the Idea with the Mountains is great. Thats it ^^
Yeah, the Shadow of the Eyeball. I dont know why the shadow is so… strange ^^ Its a sphere, so the shadow have to be rounded, but it isn’t so :frowning: Any Ideas how i could fix that shadow ?

Thx ^^

i don’t know… who look like this pokemon thingy ( lapras? ) so some shore and beach jumps into my mind as bg.

Yeah, it looks like that Pokemon, you’re right, but i swear that Pokemon isn’t the reference. I modelled it without a reference. The Head of the pokemon you mean is more roundet and it has strange ears :smiley:
The Things on its back looks like the same things, but they are diffrent. You would see it, if i would show the backside of my Dino/Dragon. Lapras lives in the Water, so it have to swim, but my dragon/dinosour shall walk like a small t-rex or a raptor.
I hate Pokemons ^^

Beach isn’t such a great Idea. My Dragon is a lava-creature. You can see it on the bright Lava thingy on it’s back :smiley:

I think it would looks better in a mountain-landscape.

btw. Thanks for all replys :wink:

I like it, it’s great. I wish I could make heads like that.

One thing though, am I looking through the nose straight into the head? :confused:


If it’s a cartoony style then its okay for a dragon, but if you want some Dragon/T-rex thing then shouldn’t the teeth be something a carnivorous creature would want to have, they look like of like they’re for plants.

Also the nostrils seem kind of big, unless he needs wide airways.

One thing though, am I looking through the nose straight into the head?

No. The holes are extruded into the head. it just looks like you could see into the head :wink:

Now Without ToonShaders.

Looks really great, but what’s with that one tooth that is pointy, while all the others are flat?

I think that that funny tooth sort of ruins it, i think it would be good if it was a bit bigger, and the rest of the teeth were more “toony” instead of realistic, as it would suit the rest of the dragon, with its cute big eyes etc…

Much better than before. However I think you should refine the textured cracks on the eggs.

Pretty nice, but I see a noticable gradient in the shadow of one of the eggs, I assume you’re trying to get a soft shadow, probably use a buffer shadow with many samples or an area light with large square size (which is dependent on scene scale)

I’m using a bufferd shadow, but only with 3 samples. 6-8 would be better,right ? ^^

of course. samples means how many different shadow maps are rendered and then merged. in this case 3 are rendered all with a slight offset around your light source. as you can imagine you get 3-stepped shadows like this. the higher the samples the less noticable the effect.