little dragon

It’s been some time since I posted anything, so I thought I’d put this
li’l dragon character up here to get some crits and what-not.
I gave her some colors to work out the color scheme before I make the textures.
These are tentative of course. I’m open to suggestions.

Awwww, he’s cute,


Tip: Grab a shotgun and brace yourself before the cyborg comes here to cast his expert vision on how dragon’s look.

Model looks good, though he could probably use some more muscular arms. I love how his feet look, very… birdlike. Can’t wait to see it textured :wink:

to quote:
I gave her some colors to work out the color scheme before I make the textures.

ok, looks really good right now, but a few thoughts:
the bone-thingy’s in the wings might look better a differant color…

perhaps the same green as the belly with slightly less saturation (and maybe a little more red…)

other than that, awesome little model. I really like the blue fading to purple on her crest thingy…

you could also add a little of the blue to the tail to kinda accent it a little (just on the arrowhead maybe?)

oh, and one more thing, in my opinion, the brown on her claws is either too saturated or too dark.
the same value would work good with less saturation, or the saturation would work if it was a lighter tan kinda brown…

uh… the toes look a little… fat. to me anyway. I think it’d look better if you made them thinner…

Goody, a Dragon WIP.

Looks cute and doesn’t look that bad, my only crit is that the middle of the face where the nose and mouth looks a little wierd, maybe smooth the seam lines.

Donno why… but this guy is cute… ^.=.^

Good start. My main crit is that the dragon has arms inside the wings and arms below them. Are you going to combine them?

the bones in the wings are looking a little mechanical. they are too flat on one axis and also very straight.

it clashes with the organic, cartoon dragon (which looks good btw).

Thanks for your replies. They really are a help! I’ll post again soon with some revisions.
But first I must sleep :slight_smile:

She has a lot of personality - looks good
The arms & wings also jumped out at me as getting in each others way a little anatomically. Not that there isn’t room for both, but it seems like the tricep of the arm and the bicep of the wing wouldn’t have enough room in the small space between them. The first thing I thought of is a dragon fly which has its two sets of wings attached one above the other on the torso.

Here is an update based on your suggestions.
I thought I’d try a simpler, more organic look for the wings.

How do the porportions of the wings look?
Any suggestions for making a good looking scale pattern?

Definitely- small ones are really cute and more fairy- tale like. It looks like a baby dragon so it does not have to actually fly like fully grown one

Hi all!
Well, these are the textures as they are now.
Color map and normal-mapped scale pattern. Scales are just a bunch of hand-drawn circles in keeping with the cartoon style. I still have to tweak the textures a bit where the uv seams meet. I would like some suggestions as to what sort of texture to use on the wings, especially the backs. Right now they just have the scale texture.
Anything else you could suggest too would be great!

You know the trick with “circles” is not that bad. Real scales are mostly hexagonal in shape so a circle matches well :wink:

Yeah, of all the stuff I tried, I think this worked out the best. Sure took a while to make a seamless tile of it though.
Anyway, what should I do with the back of the wings. They don’t look right with the scale pattern. How about the fronts?

Any other crits?

he (she?) looks very very cute, looking forward to updates and placement in a scene.

Don’t put scales on the wings. Many do this but in real world you will never find this due to the way scales work. They are hard ( scales are mostly “dead tissue” ) and move not well. On wings though you need high flexibility. Take a look at bat wings to get an impression on how this works. A slick skin with occasional wrinkles works best. Since wings are mostly transparent the color of the wing web tends to be different than that of the wing fingers. Just imagine the color changing with the thickness of the tissue so it does not change quickly.

For your model then you can take a stylized representation of this like for example skipping the continous color ( no regard to thickness ) and/or dropping wrinkles and replacing them with arced lines ( lines following the wing fingers to give it some subtle structure )

exactly what I said.:confused:

just wonderin, what are the blue rectangles for (in the legs)?