Little Dragon

Hi, this is my first post here. I’ve been watching this forum for ages though :smiley:
So, for my first post ever, I decided to show you my latest test with Blender’s sculpt mod, here it is, hope you like it !


I like it a lot :slight_smile:
The muscles in the thighs look a bit too sharp.
The corners of the mouth look slightly strange, as if the upper lips should be puffed out a bit.
The fades away on the sides…I guess this is just a wip and you are perfectly aware of this :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cute. Is that your own design?

It’s a good start despite what looks to be rough lines in some of the muscles and a line on the snout which doesn’t look like it should quite be there in its present form.

He’s looking handsome right now, keep working at it. :slight_smile:

WAHAHA!! How cool is that? That’s so classic. I just love it (have to). Quite impressive work. I like how the wings came out. Structures like that are very very tough (if not impossible) in sculptris. I really need to try mod for myself =P

Keep on!

Thank for your feedback guys (and for the nice things you said ) !
@major4z : This is my design. I just got my inspiration from Disneys Movies :slight_smile:
@kyomotion : You can import simple basemeshes made in Blender in sculptris !

I tried to smoothe the muscles a little bit, worked on the feet and started adding details on the wings (not finished yet). It s still a work in progress, what do you think ?