little fellah is amazing!

I thought I’d just say how much I like the little-fellah rig by FreakyDude. It’s not the most advanced rig - it’s just that the character is so appealing, and has a lego-man-like generic cuteness. You could make a children’s TV series set in a fairly large town - all the people minor modifications of little fellah - and it would be quite watchable. I gave him dreadlocks and made him black and I imedietly had Little Rasta - kind of looked liker a girl as well - but I guess that was the dance move she was doing… I guess that proves my point more.

I’d be keen to view the little “Rasta” bwana. Jaa Rasta mon!

Wow, that’s a nice compliment, thank you. I was actually searching for an old commander keen thread, and stumbled upon this… thanks man. Could you post (or send me a link to) a screenshot of the rasta version you’ve done?