Little Fox (Behind The Scene Update)

Little Fox -
Software - Blender3d, Gimp
Original concept by - Mingjue Helen Chen
Hope you like it
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P.S - watch it in HD

Behind the scenes of ‘Little Fox’



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I really like the animation, if the foliage wouldn’t be static it would have a bit more life. But yeah
foliage animation is a pain, especially gras :smiley:

Otherwise a bit more variation in the fur would propably make it look nicer. The reference image has this really white bottom
part, yours therefore does not differ so much.

But anyway well done :wink:


The animation is reallllllllyyyyyyy good !


Adorable, I want one.

Very good, congrats!

Is it Cycles or Internal render?

Really nice, I love the bad wolf creature. Everything else is great too!

Beautiful animation! How much time did it take?

Very nice !

Amazing… :smiley:

lovely, its one thing to make a still image, but it is a whole new level to animate it into something. you have given the fox a great amount of emotional charisma …

Beautiful! Great animation, materials and modeling. Only thing i’d change I would make little fox more fluffy :slight_smile:

Nice animation!

Was it hard to rig?

it was actually an old project …i took it and added some more elements tweaked few settings and rendered it , but animation was done in one day and models took almost another one day and i guess rendering took 2 more days , so overall it was completed in 3-5 days

Thanks a lot man , and umm nope , actually its not rigged i have just set up basic bone structure and animated individual bones and i will post one making of video soon :slight_smile:

internal render man , each frame took 2 min to render

How did you do the mist/smoke? I really like the way that its not rocketing into the air like something’s burning.

Quite creepy!

(munch, munch …) I gort a … (phhlphht! … pardon me) … what I was tryin’ to say is:

I got a bag of popcorn here. Is the New Blender Movie ready yet? :yes:

top top, very good

very cool in motion and so bad taxidermy in static, anyway it’s better than stupid cosmos laundromat with black sheeps and ginger hipsters

lol, IKR? This is top-quality work. And done in Blender Internal!! Very impressive