Little Frank

My entry for the Blender Cookie Halloween Contest 2013.He is a sad Frankenstein Kid version.Hope you like it :D.

If you like my work it would be great if you “Love” the image at Blender Cookie :slight_smile:

Comments and critiques are welcomed :slight_smile:

Kool one. Maybe the scars should be a bit deeper or a little normal map on the skin. But thats just a personal taste.

Neat. I’m sliightly bugged by how you can see the lighting emitter planes in his eyes, but that’s a minor niggle. Overall, a very cool entry for that contest :slight_smile:

Even I don’t like very much the eyes but I decided to stay loyal to the final concept that I created.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

the tear looks like it is shooting out very fast. maybe shape it more to flow over the skin (eyelid).

@cerfribar :Yes maybe you are right but this was the first time I did a tear and i am not very sure how to do it look good.

veeery nice! he reminds me a little bit of FLOYD, a character of one of my first PC-games. But back to your image: I really like the character and the overall impression of the rendering, the lighting could use some improvement. Maybe it’s not the best idea to put the keylight so low.

@payne: thanks about your advice I will have it in my mind for my future project :slight_smile:

Very good but the planes in his eyes :frowning: .Beside that it looks really cool :smiley:

@Blender_Man01: Thanks :slight_smile:

Who knew that two dead bodies could make a kid! I can only wonder what could make him shed tears.

@XeroShadow: :slight_smile: