(Little Girl) First Female face attempt

Yep, just an attempt.

Heh, you’re fantastic at low-poly modelling. I can’t say more, because I don’t know what level of femininity you’re going for here, and anyway, I’m not the best modeler. XD Still, cool.

Yearh good toon head, cool :slight_smile: I can’t see the fenimity either, but this is the first image, so… :slight_smile:

Try her with a smaller, turned up nose, and some lips.

EDIT: Oh, and ears. She’ll need ears.:slight_smile:

BlackBoe: Thanks.
Lasphere: YOu have to look beyond the image… .:smiley:
Orinoco: Thanks, will have to add lips.

Update: I moved some vertices around, trying to get the proportions more correct. I don’t use references so it’s a bit hard not to fall off. It’s MUCH harder to model children or female characters as a single wrong move makes them look like an old man or male.

I usally cheat by copying and attaching ears from previous models, but this time I decided to remodel from scratch.

ahhh… if things don’t work out, i’ll just slap a a big sticker on it “BOY” and be happy :smiley:

She does look more feminine now. I like her, for some reason. :]

or maybe… (thanks to AdmiralSenn for tips)

That’s really cute, very simple, but good topology.

I reworked some of the loops inorder to make her cheeks standout more. This is why I can’t write a tutorial on this stuff, because I don’t have a special pattern that I follow, I just manipulate the vertices/loops as I go and need them.

Awesome job. I’m always amazed when people can turn such a minimal mesh into something like this.

Man, I really like her, you know. You’re awesome at this stuff.

WOW ! That’s a perfect mesh for that kinda style (which i love) imo,
very nice and soft edge flow. Very effective use of the (very few) faces.
Very much expression and character, though…
That’s really a cute litte girl :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments you guys :slight_smile:

It’s kinda of funny, everytime I go about editing the mesh the character gets younger and younger… Next time she will be a new born baby. :smiley: (But don’t worry I make backups each time I do some editing, just incase I need to go back a few years)


I decided to stick with the last age group posted :smiley:
I need your help; I’m not going for realism here but was wondering what body size would fit the head size, the proportions. I tried to draw two mockups of the body…


I’m going to go get some sleep; the brain should work a little better by tomorrow.
[edit] I started modeling the clothes, I’ve also changed the eyelids a bit to make the bottom eyelid stand out more.

Modeled the Hat and Coat. Been playing around with materials… :slight_smile:


Still trying to decide on the proportions:

I LOVE this.
I saw the femininity from the beginning, very good work.

You’ve got the greatest style ever.
Can you make a little black puppy to walk along side her? With really shaggy hair…
Like this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v483/sago/Pics/Emoticons/Yes.gif

hobbes: Thanks… a puppy hmm… maybe :slight_smile:

I couldn’t get the static particles to look right, so I decided to use curves instead.

Now heres an idea: Using Path to make hair… lots of hair!
I mean this could be easier than static particles, you can add hooks to each vertex point (for animation) maybe even add softbody effects.

Update: (02/24/06)

smart :slight_smile: very smart indeed …
by the way, I see the feminity now :wink: