Little girl with teddy

First time poster new to blender, please critique, i tried to put fur on the bear but failed miserably.

very nice, I actually think you are better off without fur on the bear, just wouldn’t fit the style imo. I think the only thing in this scene that bugs me is the part in her hair. I think it’d be better if the skin wasn’t visible through the part. Other than that, I think it looks really nice :slight_smile:

i like it:yes:

Looks great! Try making the girls pose more a-symmetrical, it’ll make it look more like a scene.

Thanks for replies, i see what you mean about the hairline will fix. and agree that she still looks stiff will also play with an armature.

Thanks again

Added a tricycle


I like the character, looking good overall.

Try doing something different with her right hand, like perhaps have her grab the handle. That could help break up the symmetry.

LOL this little kid has her life cut out for her. Excellent work though, the pose of the bear is fantastic. The girls facial expression almost looks like an old lady wicked smile. :wink:
I don’t know what exactly you want to convey whether a ‘cute little girl’ or a ‘nasty brat’ like the neighbor kid in toy story.

I love the style and the bear! Great Model!

The only thing thats bothering me, is the squarish part on the empty hand, by her pinky.

Nice work.

Thanks for all the feedback, here is one more update added a sucker


There is something wrong with the sunglasses fashion nowadays. You can’t see the eyes of all the nice girls anymore. And it’s getting worse from day to day :slight_smile:

I really like it. Excellent work. Nice style to everything in the scene.

The sunglasses are great, oversized and fun, but I don’t like how you can see through them on the edges, and not in the center. They will look better to me and fit better in this image if they were either all black, or consistently transparent.

I would vote for more transparent. I forgot to mention that I also like her, really nice model :wink:

Yeah, the sucker works for me. Nice job!

There is something wrong with the sunglasses fashion nowadays. You can’t see the eyes of all the nice girls anymore.

Dude, you are totally right! Couldnt agree more, they cover like half their face with the glasses, and you cant see their real beauty!

Back to the model…
I like the lollipop addition.
Are you adding a background? like a street, or a driveway, culdesac?