Little Greek Temple

No changes to the actual temple from the WIP thread, it’s just in an environment now.
Some processing in Paint Shop and use of that nice glow plugin.

very nice there dude

That’s really really nice

Woah! That’s pretty cool!

Great job :smiley: I think you could add a little more to it, but it looks great. You could also work on your textures a bit, they are looking good but they are a little off. I would also add some snow on to the temple…for it is in a snowy place. It would look alot better if you added a displacement for the snow as well :wink:

Wow. That hugely changes the effect of the temple. Good work. You might consider working on what seems to be a small seam between the environment and the temple on the ground - on the left part of the frame. Looks great otherwise, though.

Looks good! Though the tempe is kinda a but out of place, but still, nice scene!
The flame maybe needs some works, as well as textruing. I’d play around with the Nor setting and add more scatches.

Keep it up!


I really like the seen.
I love the flames.



I like it, but the temple looks a little out of perportion with the rest of the scene imo. The flame looks realy cool too.


uh did you use Terragen? Even if you did looks great and love the flames.

nice fire! is that a suzanne on top of the temple?

Very nice. But I think the temple should be more in the foreground. It looks a little small now. Great fire btw.

Wow, thanks for all the comments !

Grimreaper, Timothy_L, JoOngle, Caleb72: Thanks !

Ataryu : I would have added more, but I just couldn’t think of anything else to add. I agree there are some texture problems but they don’t bother me enough to try and do anything about them. Snow would be nice, but I couldn’t think of a way to do it. I experimented with the tterrain plugin with its slope constraints but I didn’t get very nice results.

anogarlr : Alas the seam on the left is unavoidable. It really bugs me. It’s a result of the Terragen landscape’s polygons showing up with the camera so close to the ground. I’ve altered the mesh to compensate as best I can.

Antiggo : Temple is meant to be out of place. It’s also meant to look new, hence no scratches. :wink:

EnderWiggin : It’s hard to match the proportions of Terragen in Blender, but then it’s also hard to get a sense of scale from Terragen images.

Ultra X : Yep, it’s Terragen. I did try Blender World Forge but Terragen is just sooo much simpler.

@ner : :o You spotted the Suzane !!

Jerri : If the temple was any closer, the horrid sharp Terragen polygons would show up even more :wink:

I should also have mentioned that the fire is derivied from that olympicflame.blend Robertt posted a while ago.
Thank you for all the comments ! :smiley:

enviroment is very nice, temple also, but i don’t like this ugly stairs, they are too perfects, and this thexture, there is something not right… no bump, no dirt, dust, rust or something like it… change them, an the rest is ok. :smiley:

I really love the enviroment, it gives it a good feeling. Great textures and I really love the fire. Keep up the good work. No crits from me.

Well done. Great integration with Terragen.


It looks nice but the background doesn’t quite fit in my opinion.

By the way, to make the temple acctually BE IN the environment you can export the map as a lightwave file then convert it to VRML through 3Dwin and import into blender :slight_smile:

It looks good nevertheless :smiley:

nice job.


Thanks everyone !

KRUChY : There’s actually 6 textures on the stairs all affecting the normal. Actually they’re the same material as the rest of the temple…
Ic3Cold, BgDM : Thank you!
mystery00 : That’s probably the most long-winded way of getting a Blender mesh on a Terragen landscape that’s possible ! :stuck_out_tongue: I just used the ter2blend script. Much simpler ! :slight_smile: I could also have just exported the terrain to dfx with the For Export Only plugin for Terragen and then opened it directly in Blender (but that’s way too slow).