Little Help with Texturing

Hello everyone. I modeled a cup in Blender, added a glossy shader to the base and to the lip with an image texture for the logo. What I want to do now is make it look like the metal is kind of old and worn. I already have the worn metal texture image but I have no idea how to apply it to the mesh. I already UV unwrapped the cup for the Logo image texture. Solutions?

Lately there’s been one more video - soap opera in 999 parts - how to texture things. Content and quality is good while the way it is presented irritates imho.
You might catch the idea and just work on from that or wait for another 5 years and the next parts till the actors/director die.

So I went and watched more Andrew Price tutorials and I now understand how the texturing works. Thanks anyway!

Wow, that guy must be really good.

lol, I think of him as the most skilled Blender user out there. His website is

You should watch some of his tutorials. They are really entertaining.

Those were quite impressive. Andrew is more into creating suttle animations or scenes but with ridiculously high detail. Plus, he also makes tutorials on how to use all of Blenders features e.g. Camera tracking, Character rigging, simulations etc. He also isn’t serious about anything at all. He has a great sense of humor. His videos are both entertaining and educational. It’s all a matter of opinion. Blender Cookie also has some quite educational tutorials but Andrew’s tutorials are still my favorite. Mainly because of his sense of humor XD.

That’s true, his animation skills are unreal!

this guy sounds awesome will have to check him out sometime…

Okay woah. That is not what I said. You must be like 11 or something. The majority of his tutorials are based around creating extremely detailed scenes or objects. That doesn’t mean he sucks at animation. That just means he prefers to create tutorials on still scenes. His website has a good amount of animation tutorials. Plus, animation can take quite a bit longer than still scenes and I imagine that he doesn’t want to make his tutorials super long…

No problem. If you say he’s “into creating subtle animations” it’s fine with me, and if you say he’s not, that’s OK too! “Extremely detailed” is fine, and if you say that’s not quite what you said that’s fine too! Everything is fine! We’re all just trying to get along here while stuff renders. And what does my age have to do with it, I wonder, although whatever it is, I am sure it must be fine too. :smiley:

Haha well… I like how everything is OK. I just thought that you were a little kid by the grammar orientation in your previous post. lol anyway, it is totally ok.