Little Help

Ok, so its been a while since i made a game in the GE, so i decided to come back to the ge and make a game, im not gona say anything about the game for a few reasons ;).

I need a little help on how i can make my weapon apear in my players hand after they pick it up (i did this in Racfaph but that was a while ago and i cant remember exactly how we did it :/)

so any help would be apreciated, im looking to keep the game all logic bricks (except the mouse lookskript).


Im newer than you, but couldnt you do that like:
Whenyou collide with the weapon, play kneel and pick up action, then add object to the armature?..
Or something, thats pseoudocode…or pseudo logic bricks. I was going to do that in m game, decided to skip it, or at least leave it for later…

Well i was gona do it these 2 ways whitch worked:

Overlay scene, isnt good because it wont collide with anything making it a usless weapon (as i want the weapon to collide with your eneimy to deal the damage)

Also i tried have an empty follow the camera and add the weapon in, but the weapon doesnt follow the camera, now i remember there being a solution to this but cant think what.

Assuming that you are talking about an FPS here, it would simply be a matter of a collision sensor detecting the “picked up object”, ending it, and then replacing the mesh of your “weapon object” to that of the picked up object. (you can have some transition animations to mask the switch)


It’s gonna be a lot of logic bricks alright. Try not to stack them too high though, they may fall over and hit your head.

So what your saying is:

I need to have a default weapon object (arms maybe) or just an invisible object and when the player picks up another object it replaces the default invisable object with the picked up weapon?

haha lol :D, i’ll bear that one in mind!

Yea, you can use the Edit Obj - Replace Mesh actuator to make the actual switch.

Yes i know :wink: that seems to work but theres problems.

The switched mesh is always to small, if i make it bigger to actually hit the enimies then it goes through walls which is pretty crap :confused: is there a way of have hits register with an enemy using a sword like weapon without actualy having them collide? ray maybe?

Yea, that’s usually a problem with FPS setups that employ somekind of a melee action.

I would have a default invisible static ghost object, to “swing” around according to your “graphic weapon animation”, and detect collisions that way.

Ah yea, good idea!