Little house

This is an image that I find funny :
Yes, I know that the background is simple, but I had other project in my head :smiley:

So, critcs and comments :slight_smile:

Where is the shadow?

hum, i forget shadows :expressionless:

Good idea and execution.

My crits are that the ground is too basic and the water is too realistic. Try adding some more variation to the ground and small objects such as stones and dead leaves.

Oh, and the beetle doesn’t look like he’s toon-shaded. :wink:

Style needs to be more consistant, some areas are toonier then others. And I can see shadows in there look real close for a darkened smudge.

Heh, he should be chasing younger bugs off his “lawn”.

One factor to think about is… the eye is always drawn to the brightest thing in the scene. Right now, the star of your show (presumably) is in shadow compared to a bright daisy and an almost-as-bright roof. Neither of these elements should attract my attention; both of them do.

The staging and composition of the scene is also comparatively weak because my eye is not lead onto a clearly defined path through the picture; it wanders through a field of irrelevant details.

But I like what you are trying to do, and I think that with some materials-changes and a repositioning of the camera this could be a very nice image. You are close.

Hey ! Thanks for your comments :smiley:
Later, I try to be better if I found the time (I’m in the boarding school :-? )