Little Howard (commercial work for ITV2)

A short live-action/CGI sequence I’ve just finished for digital TV channel ITV2 here in the UK, to be broadcast in January 2009. Howard Read usually does his sketches with a Flash-animated sidekick but in this instance the character has come to life. This is just a rough composite I’ve done myself - they’re going to do all the colour balancing and put a sort of Princess Leia hologram effect on it, my brief was just to do the character animation.
A low-res mpg of the sequence is here:
Thanks to harkyman, Patel and Archiman86 of these forums for their help and patience with my stupidity!
And, despite what Howard says in the clip, this is not the most money ITV2 have ever spent on anything…

:eek: Wow! that looks great, I love his mouth and I can’t wait to see it aired!