Little idea about Curves for 2.5x

I have a request for Blender Curve System. I don’t know if this is the place for it, but… anyway, it could be a discussion…
I think that curve system in Blender is really good!!! But i miss just two options that i think(i don’t understand anything about code) that is really USEFUL, Start Growing and End Growing(or something like this…). I know that is possible to build a Taper curve and control the “growing” start and end point of the curve… but… it’s much better as an option in cuves property panel. What do you think about this?
I got this screen from c4d to exemplify:

Another thing: I’ve tried to animate the text object in 2.5 build Blender 2.5 OSX 10.4+ Python3.1 [23629], but nothing happened… all property of a text object is “keyable” but just update the changed values in viewport “and render” when text is turned to edit mode.

I know my english is not perfect:o

You’re not alone my friend…