Little ideas to collapse?

I just saw a tutorial when browsing a list of Blender features ‘rarely used’ (according to the article). It was on the sheer (shear?) function, and I can’t get this weird little idea out of my head that shearing is just a loop cut that you can rotate (the cutting lines, not the resulting vertices). So now I’ve been obsessively thinking, are there many little features of Blender that could be collapsed together without losing their uses? Not because they need to, but just as a thought experiment, and maybe some ideas for future feature structure. Does anyone have ideas for things that seem so closely related they could be collapsed into some combined feature without it having to be a huge deal? Doesn’t have to be genius or complicated, just spinning a bit!

Extrude and inset perform similar tasks, certainly different enough to merit both of them being included, but for the sake of this conversation, I could see them being merged.