little ilight

how can i put some little light to illminate the numbers and letters
for a microwave display
if its possible wihtout having one light for each word!


how about using emit and if you want just the actual letters (not the whole button) lit up then use transparency/stencil

i’v set the halo on and not much out of it

i think that;s a difficult one to solve and not certain if there is a solution
i tried with the eit and it’s beginning to gove some results interesting


Put the objects you want lit on a separate layer, then add a blur node, and a rgb color node to the setup - let me know if you’d like a demo blend

not much a user of node yet

would be nice to see a file for this feature

with the emit set it seems to be giving a good result - it’s definitively more visible
compared to the background


here’s a blend file (with a few nodes) as an example blend

there are many other ways to use the nodes, I just used them for an “add”/glow/blur effect :yes:

anyways, just play around with them and you’ll learn them :slight_smile: just give it some time
also, I’d google it

I could have used groups in mine, but I didn’t…
have fun!


Node tutorial?

i’ll study it this weekend and be back if there is any questions


you’re welcome.

@ -[Killer]-: yeah, you could also look into some node tutorials :stuck_out_tongue:
here’s one (from Googling blender Nodes)

that a wiki page ?


this looks like a combination of emit in the middle and halo on the outisde of the area

very strange combination - did not see that before

is there some wiki page on this type of lighting?


can you tell me on which element yo use the nodes

i’ activated the nodes viewport but cannot find any niodes there?


the nodes are composite nodes (not material)
eg: they change the overall appearance of the image (and stay up regardless of what is selected).

the nodes should be there on the original setup (bottom screen) (see pic)
you want to click on the little icon, and it should stay up no matter what you click

as far as nodes go, it is a blur node, a brightness/color RGB curves changer, and an color mix (add) effect to the overall scene

I used a different layer for glowing stuff and then just put that ontop of the original scene
using render layers

bold = keywords --> play around with them/ google it :slight_smile:

Have fun, and keep blending!