Little Lizard

Hey everyone!
Here is a recent work I’ve finished. A small little lizard :slight_smile:
He has about 1300 Faces and a subdivision lvl 2 as a modifier.
All Textures were entirely painted in blender directly! I hope you will Enjoy this Picture!

I you are interested I can also provide a FullHD Rendering. Maybe someone likes this as a background image :slight_smile:

Greetings Andreas

that looks really cool! i commend you for for doing all the painting in blender.

Nice and cute character. I like the colors of final render as well!
Maybe, it would look better with a little sharpening in postpro and less pronounced texture on the ground.

PS: And then a HD render please :slight_smile:

thank you guys!
So here are two different versions. For all of you who like it with a more subtle background :slight_smile:

1920x1200 px
You can crop the image as you wish :wink:

Version 1
Version 2

I really like it! Cute and fun “character” and a really nice choice of colors, good work.

Haha, I dident read the comments before I wrote mine. It looks as if I copied radeks comment.


OK. The second version is definitely better. :slight_smile: Thanks for my new wallpaper, btw.
@Magnush :slight_smile:

hehe… I am glad you like it radek! It is cool that my wallpaper decorates other peoples desktop! ^^

nice little character!!!

would be nice if the eye has more detail, more bump or something else. Because it is the focus point in the picture, i think.

awesome :smiley:

i love the colors you’ve got going there, that’s a really nice render!

Thank you Jeepster and StieMO

Here is a quick screencapture of the simple Rig I’ve created for this little guy. Nothing to fancy, but it does the job :smiley:

Enjoy it :smiley:

looking forward to some nice animations with that rig :wink:

looks awesome.

this is adorable :smiley: and kudos for doing all the painting yourself :wink:

yeah… thank you very much. I will try to animate him. Unfortunately I am not a very good animtor ^^

thanks… Yeah I have to say Blender is already very capable in paintingmode. I hope the new summer of code will improve it still!!!

downloading version two now!
thank for this.

Great character!

Cute pet! :rolleyes:

I love this little guy :slight_smile:

love the cartoon style of your works and very good textures indeed

It would be nice to see him in a complete scene… he deserves better than to be dropped into a blue box all by himself!

thanks for your kind words! I appreciate it! Here is a first very short animation test :slight_smile: