little loading screen.

I have the text ‘loading’ sit there, but how do i make them dissapear and go into the next scene when the game is truly done loading?
so basicly i want this:

if bytesLoaded > bytesTotal :


Is this what you mean?

Zark Game #1 is HERE!

Download “” in the thread. Check a scene titled “Preload” of the blend file.


Essentialy, the aforementioned loading screen is simply preset to go the the next scene after a certain amount of time. During the loading screen, different meshes are swapped behind the scenes (using ReplaceMesh) to load textures, therefore loading doesn’t have to be done during gameplay.

A loading screen makes sence if you have large scenes to be loaded. The conversion into the gameengine format takes time and the game seems to hang.
What you can do is having a small scene showing the “loading…” text. That would be loaded quite fast. Then add (to any object) an always sensor (no pulse) connected to a set scene actuator which loads your main scene.

The load scene will be loaded at startup and shows you text. While loading the Game will hang (so no animation!) but still showing you loading scene. After loading is finished the first frame of your main scene will replace the loading screen.

I hope this helps

sounds like a good idea monster…ill try it out