Little low-poly cyberpunk-style Street

Im started to learn Blender and see a guide about creating a cyberpunk-themed street (maybe you see. Its from “Poliigon Runway”). And in process I start to add things like pipes, wires, some rubbish (hard to see) and another stuff. Its look similar in outline but i tried to make some original. I did many mistakes. When I make balcony I “cut” a building instead a making separate object.
Im looked at small japan streets with “box-houses”(with small interior space). That’s why there are so many windows. When I added few pipes, I had an idea to fill walls and roofs with many pipes and wires to make it look some kind of disease.
This is not final version. I want to add some props near street-light and then model a car to place it in front of garage. Move billboard on roof (I made it to show puddles properly) to another position. Maybe make version without this amount of light and add some color to building with “Auto” sign.
I tried to add some graffiti tags in early stage but I throw that idea. Maybe add it now?
(broken car in left side have a rust texture but there is not enough lighting)

Feel free to comment and giving advice`s!
I want to finish this in 1-2 days.

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