little man in the TV

I sure hope I’m not the only one who believed this :smiley:
I used to think that there were a bunch of mini people inside the TV, acting it all out. My parents are fortunate I wasn’t as curious then as I am now, or they might have been out one TV :smiley:
So I have this great idea now, to model this very scene. I’ll have a TV with the screen lying on the ground, possibly smashed to pieces, and the mini-men peeking out. But I suck at humans, so either I’d have to do a dark scene that doesn’t give a good view of the mini-men, which is a great setting for this anyways like they’re sneaking out for some food or something, someone could explain the makehuman thing I’ve heard so much about but have no clue what it is, or someone could be nice and make me a person. Can someone help? I haven’t even started modeling yet, but I will soon.


Well I have actually done this before except I used a green screen to composite people into my t.v. screen… (useing after effects/premiere). It actualy came out looking good. :stuck_out_tongue:
-So in the above statement I said I didnt use 3d, and for you… I can already say that it would look better if you used visual effects rather then 3d…-
1). Do you have knowledge useing a green screen? If not you could download a trial of adobe after effects AFTER doing some tutorials… it is difficult.
2). You shouldnt post items in the W.I.P thread that you havent started yet, its works IN PROGRESS which means you are in the proccess of building it.


thought process, design, layout, and story board is all part of a work in progress. He might not be as far into it as you’d like…but its still his work IN progress. It will stop being a work in progress when he stops progressing with his work.

Sorta like a track and field competition. Just because they’re lining up to start the race doesn’ t mean it’s not a race. It means they’re beginning a race.

thanks house :slight_smile:
Nik, I have no experience whatsoever with greenscreen, and the idea here isn’t to use adobe or something, it’s to use blender to create a scene. Thanks anyways!

Firstly I was recomending to you to possibly use greenscreen because you havent demonstrated your organic modeling skills yet; on the 16’th of december you posted a thread asking how to organically model?..
Secondly if you scroll through some of liptons threads you may notice that he has a large amount that he has yet to start modeling on- and I think this thread will be the same.
-Think about it: have you ever modeled a entire organic figure before?..

yes actually… just haven’t posted him. He’s a simple but extremely cute little creature, even has fur on him. I have said before, I’m just that type of person. I can’t stick to something for too long cuz I get bored. Believe it or not, I pretty much dropped this idea for the moment at least to play around with my blender legos :smiley: