Little map

So here is what i meant.I what to make like a little map in the corner of the screen like in Vice City but dosent have to move like in vice city it will be like entire city map at once.And i what to put like a little arrow wicth would be the player and as you move through the city so does the little arrow move.I dont know any pyhton so that is out of the question lol.I hope i sead it right and sorry for the bad english :smiley:

Search the forum here. I’m pretty sure theres some python scripts and examples on how to make map. Try here. I think theres one on at least one of those tutorial sites. Even though its python its pre-made so you only have to follow the instructions. If you can’t find any I think I might have a copy of at least one version for you to try.

one idea that i’ve had some success with is:

make a new scene, making a full copy of the game scene

place the camera of this new scene above the map (sky view)

make the map reside in the corner of your choice of the camera view

create an arrow object and parent it to your character

in the game scene, use logic bricks to overlay the map scene to the game scene

 Now this will generally work, but I have had times, like in my pinball game, that the game engine would decide to calculate a collision differently in the two scenes, therefore the game and the map would show two different things. This is just one idea...