Little Monster!


Is the first time I’m posting here. My name is Diego, I am a brazilian 3D Artist.

I’ll be posting here the process of creating this character, part of a series project I’m producing, 100% in Blender.

I hope you enjoy!


nice look :slight_smile: i feel that he needs nose though…

Awesome work :D! I love your lighting :stuck_out_tongue: I think he looks just fine without a nose, but in the render his hat isn’t textured o_0

natholas, I thought the concept was put his nose or not, I chose not to.

tictoon, really not worked out the texture of the hat even if you have any suggestions feel free.


Looking nice ;).
Do you think in doing a video animation for kids ?

Kind of reminds me of the despicable me minions:

Good start!

Alekzsander, that’s right. There is another character almost ready, which is the partner of this. I am preparing here wip modeling and texture you look for.

LiquidApe, I liked this reference, did not know. Actually, it resembles the design of these characters.


Ok looking nice :).
I’ ll start my own character too :P, well actually i’m working in severals thing for me hehehe :).
I hope i can see more :wink:

i really like your character, as for texturing the helmet i suggest using this reference image in the link.

i would really like to now what kind of shaders you are using for your character. he has the pixar quality texturing to him. Good luck!

Wow, that looks awesome! I agree that he does have that sorta Pixar/Dreamworks look to him. I’m especially loving the eyes.

Wowsie! Cool character, great design. Keep us posted, I feel that good things will came out of this.

Thanks! My english is bad. :o

Perpetual, thanks for good reference! Nice to know that quality is approaching pixar, who still think being a bit far, in my opinion.
As for lighting, I used three basic points of light camera (I used Point Lamps)
As settings shader, let Render options in top quality: Anti-aliasing = 16, Gaussian, applied a HDRI map for locals with specularity have more realism; abilities the Ambient Occlusion, configured in the Gather Raytrace / Samples = 12;

i_killed_bill, thanks! If you can approach the quality pixar, we are well equipped with the tools to render in Blender.

ristesekuloski, thanks! Yes, Always try to update this post with new adds.

I’m working on Normal Maps for details of leather and accessories. I’ll post soon.

Thanks! :wink: