Little present for the community...

A small collection…


As per Alltaken’s request:

After chatting with basse_ I’ve decided to explain what these are for and show examples.

You set these images as a world texture mapped to angmap when using Yafray or AO in the internal renderer. Makes for an HDRI effect.

Created with the garden image
Created with the uffizi image
Created with the grace image


just curious, do you have larger resolutions, and perhaps a Zip file.

i wouldn’t mind getting a whole zip file of them all. if bandwidth is an issue, i can organise some bandwidth to host a Zip file of them all.


nice balls.

my favourite one was this


he he he yeah basse likes a good set of nice balls wrapped around him.

K-rich, cheers heaps for them, i will be using them a lot :smiley:

they are one thing i use from the new feature lists.


Hey, K-Rich - thank you very much!

Funny: . Is that you hiding behind the CD holder (or whatever it is)? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I will a mirror ball and try to create lightprobe images, too.

:smiley: Cheers