Little problem with bones

Hella all good people :slight_smile:

I did a little mistake in one of bones and noticed it after I added armature modifier and weight paint. I need to scale one of the bones now, but of course it deforming my model, and i don’t want it. Is there possibility to fix this without removing armature modifier? I don’t want to do everything from the beginning, cause my model is a little complicated. I’m using 2.49b

Thx in adv.

ps. Sorry for bad english


As long as you have set up all your vertex groups correctly, you should have nothing to lose by removing the armature modifier, editing your armature to modify the size of your bones, then re-adding a new armature modifier. You might need to update some of your vertex groups if you’ve made big changes to your armature, but if the changes have been small you might get away with it.

I know, but I have elements that I must to paint manualy. So is there possibility to modify this single bone?


Yes, but you’ll have to try it and see if you need to adjust any weights afterwards. Save a separate copy of your file before trying it so you can go back to your previous version if you’re not happy with the results.

OK, so what is the solution?

Noone will help me?

You can change the bones in edit mode without influencing the mesh… unless you have constraints that move the bones to a different position than they are in edit mode.

I’m afraid I have, cause it’s deforming. Do I need to start all over again?


Do what I said in my first post. Remove the armature modifier, edit your armature, re-add an armature modifier to your mesh.

I think it will be the best solution.

OK, done. Thread to close.