Little Problem with Claw tutorial


I was following the hand tutorial on the blender website ( and I have a little problem…

When I get to assign a IK_solver to the Hand-R Bone I have to type in Armature in the contrsaint name (what for?) and then the influence drops to 500. Then I have to type in the name of the IK_Solver Bone in the OB field below. When I do this (hit enter) the text just dissapears. Do the IK Bones have to be connected physically to the bone chain in the 1st place? When I place them they are separate bones…

How can I fix this?

I am not sure they need to be physically connected, the IK bones that is. Make sure the chain of finger bones is connected though. Just extrude each bone from the previous one.

All the bones do need to be of the same armature system though, (i.e. the IK solver should be a part of the finger armature).



I have the finger bones all in 1 chain and the hand bone is parent for all finger bones. Just the IK_solvers (what is that supposed to be?) are not connected


I have typed Armature in the solver field instead of Target field…

So when I move the IK solvers I the bones are supposed to follow it?

me = dumb


New problem…

When I do the vertex groups it says

When you’re finished adding vertices to vertex groups, exit edit mode and parent the arm to the armature. If you haven’t made any mistakes now you’ll have a well set up arm with a hand. Select the armature, enter pose mode, select the different IK solvers and test the arm and fingers.

parent arm to armature?

Right Click on the mesh, then hold SHIFT key and then do the same to the Armature. THis will make both objects selected.

Press CTRL+P to parent and then select ARMATURE.


I found that out myself too last night…

thx for answering all my dumb questions :smiley: