little promo work (graffiti style with blender)

(kerosene) #1


just tested how to do graffiti style graphics with blender.

any questions/comments? NEthing appreciated :slight_smile:

(blengine) #2

haha real cool, i can barely read what it says, real vision right? grafiti just aint mah thang to read, but i love looking at it! some graphiti sprayers in mah hood are really good and painting huge tags underneath bridges next to the train track on this huge slope people love to hang on… the art there is pretty darn amazing…
“love yer pic!” is what im getting at here :wink:

(pofo) #3

Damn, that stuff can be difficult to read when flat hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Still it’s a cool pic

  1. pofo

(stephen2002) #4

umm…if you want people to actually be able to read it, I would recomend loosing the multiple, transparent copies (unless that is just an extra-blurred frame of animation)

(Goofster) #5

heh, he even translated it for us at the bottom.

Thanks for the inspiration, I’m working on some graffiti too. love the picture.


(Andy Goralczyk) #6

Wow! that’s really cool! 8)


(dotblend) #7

i told some people at the latest dumb… that no-one did it before… (graffity with blender) funny how things go…

(bmax) #8

my personal opinion of graffiti is pretty low. ok, it might be art, like kerosene’s pic, but some of the things that are sprayed on walls and trains are just obscene and sometimes extremely sexually related, which is really too bad, because it does look interesting…

thats just my 2c.


(TurboG) #9

Cool…Maybe get a huge collection like this and make a scene with it all…maybe just the wall witha ll that stuff and a spray can on the ground :smiley: Nice pic

(Freid) #10

Yep nice :slight_smile: