little question on inner part of plane going invisible

when i create a mesh using a plane, and set it to show as textured, then the inner part of the plane just goes invisible so i can see through the mesh.
i want both sides of the plane to have texture. how do i fix that?

Use GLSL view mode.
Blender 2.49b, from the menu at the top of the blender window select Game / Blender GLSL Materials
Blender 2.5beta - Properties panel (N) / Display tab / Shading / select GLSL
Note that you will need a compatible graphics card.

can you host a screen shot?

I think either your view is inside the mesh or you do not have a face on one side of the mesh. to make a face select the ediges on either side and press F (this is all in edit mode)

<- As you can see, the inside of the cloth is invisible, and you can see through it…

<- this is the outter side of the cloth