little question

ok so im starting to model more complex stuff and starting to need a back ground pic to help but i dont know how to put a background pic in blender 2.59 i uprgaded to 2.59 from 2.49 and dont know alot about 2.59.

there you go

For some modelling i found, Empty with Image as Display property is nice… One can orient empty and image appropriate while working in front or side view. Picture on view is limited in this.

If you are working from a blue print then just import the image and set each view. Use a cube to approximate size and orientation for modelling. have tons. There is a tutorial for creating the different views that I saw many years ago, thee is also a math formula that is used for the sizes. I will see what I can find and post back here.

Try this method. It may be what you are looking for.

i tried darens way but it didint show i opened up a picture and ya but it didint show

are you in orthographic view? press the 1 key on the numpad to set the view to front view. press 5 on the numpad to toggle ortho/perspective view – does the image show up?