Little radiosity demo

Hi guys,

I prepared in a few days this little radiosity demo.

Sorry for the “youtube quality” but the original demo it weights a few megs, and I don’t want to burn my current website’s transference :slight_smile:


That looks very good. Did you recalculate radiosity for every frame or bake to vertex colors. I assume you baked to vertex colors because otherwise that would have taken forever.

I like it, it looks very professional - a credit to Blender.

Hi war,

You’re right, I didn’t recalculate the radio solution for each frame, just bake, add new meshes and render :slight_smile:

Thanks for yor response.

Looks very good, didn’t that take some time to render?
Every time i try to work with radiosity the meshes are only getting their color extremely ugly and not even emitting light themselves, lol.

Well, yes, it took about six hours aproximately on a 3GHz machine…could seem a long rendertime but acceptable for a video

Very nice presentation.
You could maybe have filled the room up a bit more, but as the title is indicating this seems to be for presentation purposes only, anyways.
And for that you did a very nice job, thumbs up :slight_smile:

Looks great, nice smooth camera movements, and all materials look good.

Nice chronoh!!
the radiosity’s quality is very high, 6 hours to calculate, but the calculation of frames would be very fast :wink:

[OT]…I tryed radiosity for realtime, but when I “add mesh” the file become very big because vertex of meshes increase so much. ---->> exe file were immense.
Can’t (someone:D) improve a kind of baker to texture (for radiosity) like braybaker??

It’ll be great