Little red hood and the wolf - 3d illustration WIP

Hope you like it, it’s a WIP of an illustration. Til now, entirely made in Blender. :wink:


Looks great. Do you mean for everything to be faceted like that?

Reminds me a little of the movie “Hoodwinked” in style. Looks good… are you going to carry it further? And also, like Modron said, do you mean for them to be faceted? The wolf is strongly so, and Red’s face, but not so much her eyes…

If you did mean for it to be faceted, I actually really like that look.

I kind of like it too, except on the face, but it is especially good on the trees imo.

ok, thanks for your comments; i go for that style, but it’s like trial and error. I mean, i like eyes to be strongly contrastant as a center of attention, so, i think i’m gonna go that way, trying to contrast the “polygon paint” with loose strokes as in red hood.
Keep on commenting, i’m learning in this process!

well, it’s finished. What do you think?