Little Red Ridding Hood

Hello Everyone,

Here is my latest render.
The character is greatly inspired by the drawings of Trina Schart Hyman, one of my favourite illustrators.
The character is completely animation ready with a rig, and cloth sims for her clothing.
Everything was made in Blender and Gimp. It is render with Cycles with 1000 samples, which took 6hrs, and 30mins.
I will post a breakdown video soon.
Let me know if you want me to share any more info.


Beautiful well done, who is in the bed, the wolf or the grandmother? :smiley:

Thanks speed7777777
Both the wolf and the grandmother are in the bed. Little red ridding hood has just come in and has not found out that the wolf has eaten her grandmother. In the story it takes awhile for her to find this out, first she remarks about how sharp his teeth are and how piecering his eyes are.

Here is the breakdown:

Here is a wire frame of the face:

Run, little red riding hood, the wolf will eat you! Oh, now I’m sad when I look the picture right. Such a beautiful image.

I only thing that you should have done the room look more “old”, you know, with spider webs and stuff. This one looks simple as today’s flats. But the character is amazing!!!

too Good :slight_smile: like it … & thanks for Breakdown

Thank you for the kind comments,
@Martynes, looking back at it you are right, it should look more old, I thought that a liitle dust would be enough but, some spider webs and such would have been better, I will keep that in mind for next time.

@2eminent, I am glad you like the breakdown, it was the first one I ever made so I was not sure if it was good or not.

id say her pose is a little too stiff… but other then that pretty good :slight_smile:

I was trying to make her look a little stiff because she is slightly afraid but maybe I over did it.