Little Red Riding Hood re-imagining | Cyberpunk, Urban, Noir

Progress thread for my Little Red Riding Hood project, All comments are not only welcome but extremely appreciated.

Current state of the project:

Thanks for reading!

Original post moved here for convenience’s sake:

I was playing with my daughter the other day when I fell asleep for a few seconds, in this dream I had a quick vision of something close to this:

And with it the words (Little Red Riding Hood)

So I made this quick concept for it:

I immediately stood up and got to sketching it. A little project was born.

Right now I’m working on modeling this girl, the texturing part is going to be the interesting one.

I’ll post my progress on this thing here and I would really appreciate your input.

Starting work on this again today, I hope I’ll have the modeling ready by tomorrow, but we’ll see.

Wireframe still really simple, working out the blocking.

Done for today, Gonna try and finish this tomorrow so I can get to the texturing.

looking good so far. Are you going to enter this into the blender guru competition?

I hadn’t realized Andrew’s new competition was on characters, I think I’ll enter it, the deadline seems fair enough. n_n. Thanks for the tip! and the comment!

Not much noticeable progress today, I went in and retopologysed the shoulders and, neck and collar bones. then Made the hands, Also started the hair.

It’s 6am here and I need some sleep, so yeah.

Also, a little render:

Haven’t been able to put much work into this lately, but here’s some progress:

First, checking to see if the uv unwrapping works ok:

Also been working on the NPR materials, didn’t really want to use the default toon render:

Here’s a little render with the case colors and WiP material:

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

nice idea! two thoughts on this, which are maybe just a matter of taste:

  1. the boots are pretty clunky for a light-footed girl (espc. regarding the thin anatomy of the model)
  2. a cape would be cool and accentuate the girls’ elegance (remembering the drawings of the llrh i’ve seen so far, she had always a red cape with a hood)


Thanks a lot for your reply, I really appreciate it!

About the boots: It was, indeed, a conscious decision, but that doesn’t mean I can’t change it or work on it further, thanks for pointing it out! They do look a little too big.

About a cape: Thanks! That gives me an idea! I’ll see how it goes!

Again, thanks a lot for the reply!

Hey…she is a super cute character. I interpreted the hoodie as a modern day cape…but a cape could also be cool with this outfit…:slight_smile: Good luck with this project…the concept pice you did after waking up looks very intriguing.

Thanks a lot! yeah, It is intended to be more modern-day, the cape idea @@jester_elly gave me is for contrast, let’s say.

I intend to bring this little concept to the realm of motion comics, so a lot of stuff still needs to be done and figured out.

Again, thanks a lot for the comment!

Working again on this one. That little specular reflection you see on the hair took a while to make, had to make some weird workaround to achieve it (will share later, I think it might work for some other people)

Don’t know why the textures (for the eyes) look so pixelated, I’ll see what the hell it is later.

Nice setup for shader material, definitely gonna try that myself. Very curious which setup you used for the lightning. the colors look very vibrant and closely match those of anime.

@Warloc3D Thanks, the light are just white, one sun lamp at strength 1, linear and a Hemi at .50 or.75, whote too. In the pics where there’s a little red just inbetween the shadow and lit parts of the skin the sun lamp was a little red. Try it out!

Here’s a fixed (just some corrections) version of the image of this I sent out to the Blender Guru competition:

looking very cool…can’t wait to see more. I wish I know how to handle color like that. :frowning:

@James_Z Thanks a lot! Well, it’s really nothing too fancy, I’m just using really saturated colors for the models and giving a little bump in saturation to the shadows (you can see that in my material node setup above) and some color correction in post processing.

Your Tim Burton style character model is looking pretty cool! keep it up!

Thanks, I think I like yours a lot more than mine…funny how that works.