Little Red Riding Hood

My latest work.

Blender 2.45 + Photoshop CS2

Rendered with Blender Internal.
Photoshop was used for textures and post-processing.


Excellenth work… as Mister Burns would say.

Except the pebles are a little too shiny…
Still…5 stars

that it superb.
the only crit i would have is the grey stones/path markers are out of place/wrong texture.
also the two similar stones near the house are too large.
unfortunately my eyes are drawn along the path, thus these small errors scream out at me.
everything else is 100% cg brilliance.
well done, I hope you take the time to fix the small errors & this is definite gallery material. Also would do well on cgartists.
well done.

very good work, only thing that bugs me is the middle shadow (behind little red) goes a bit weird about half way.

keep up the good work :).


Very nice render! I agree with Meta-Androcto about the stones, maybe fix the grass a bit and that’s it!
Great work!

Nice work. Although I think the composition could be better. The eyes are drawn away from ridinghood to the cabin in the back. Unless that is your intention I would put Ridinghood more in the center of focus.
I agree about the stones and I think the face looks a little disproportionate. Looks like she just had a botox session in the cabin. :wink: make the lips a little less puffy.
Other than that great work and 3.5* so far. I’ll wait a while before rating in case you want to improve it.

Apparently, Granny or the Big Bad Wolf is arc welding in the house.

@all thank you
I agree with most of your comments and i will correct it.

that´s right :wink:

nice style, thats how i recall her…

That’s very cool! I do agree with many of the comments above though, and it also looks like her wrist is awkwardly bent (the one holding the lamp).

Great work!
Keep it up