Little Red Riding Hood

It’s been too long since I last submitted something traditional.
Here’s something new from me since I haven’t done any cartoon fantasy illustrations yet before. I enjoyed this soooOo much! I kept asking my little brother how it looks like to him every now and then for they know better on this subject better than I do.

This would never have been possible with a friend from deviantART who asked me to draw a sample for their children’s book.

Hope you like it.

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Made with: GIMP


It looks a little flat, but I like the colors and soft focus. Just curious, why are there strips of tape on the edges of the background?

Great job it is very appealing I would check out a book with this cover.

great job dude:yes: i like the sticky tape!:wink:

You are great at adding shadows a highlights while keeping the cartoony(?) style.

Keep it up.