Little Red Riding Hood

This started out as an experiment with Yafaray materials and their environment.
The environment is a stock resource from Image*After. Considerable post-production in GIMP has been applied.

Critique and your comments are welcome!

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For real? The only topic in Finished Projects with one view?

You have to get known first before people start crowding around your stuff. :slight_smile:

Good work, I like the scene. But you need to add some realistic material to your cloth. Because your model still looks ‘fake’ while your background looks realistic. Just need some material work but everything else looks cool.

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Render itself is good, I really like the feel, however, I feel a few more subtle details to tell the “story” could add a lot to it. For example, she could be carrying a basket… maybe a clue a wolf is lurking nearby, etc… just some subtle hints to the story without being obvious… if that makes sense. Just my opinion. There is a “spook” feel to it which is really cool, don’t compromise that whatever you do.

Good scene!. if your character is in the middle of the woods and its a blue dark night, one light with blue color and not much intensive would be really nice.