little robot animation

Hi all,

a few weeks ago I read somewhere about the blender 2.5 alpha which got me into checking it out again after a pretty long time. I really like the new UI. Kudos to the developers!

Well, I have spent some time playing with it and think it is time to present to the community what I have come up with so far:

A little robot model made of spheres and tubes only:

And a here is a very short animation with it:

Please let me know what you think, any feedback is appreciated.

Yours monsterkodi

Hey, that looks really good. Very simple yet effective character. Looks slightly unnatural when he goes from seated position to standing, but otherwise a nice walk cycle. :slight_smile: What tutorial did you follow to rig and animate this?


Hi Paint Guy,

thanks for the fast reply. It’s nice to hear that you like it.

I know that the stand up looks weird. I spent 2 days on that alone but I think I reached my personal limit here. Every time I try to improve it, it gets worse :slight_smile: I guess that’s something you can’t learn by watching tutorials alone.

I used the Kernon Dillons tutorial for the modeling (, the excellent “Tob’s Blender 2.5 Foot Rigging Tutorial” series for the rig ( and ward7299 for the walk cycle (

If you know any good tutorials about animation with 2.5, please let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your feedback,
yours monsterkodi

Nice robot.

The start lacks weight. As he stands up, as the hand comes off the ground only his feet are on the ground but all of his weight is behind the feet, so gravity would make him fall back on his butt.

If you want him to rise fairly straight up you need to raise the butt then bring it above the feet and rise from there. It may be closer to right than it appears but from this angle it’s weight appears too far back.

Sit on the floor and stand up yourself. Think about your body position and how you move to keep balanced.

I haven’t done much animation yet, but have read a bit lately. One big tip I have got is that the good animators use video references to get their actions right. Find or make videos of the motions you want to create and study the movements, where the body weight is.

You may have heard of - sounds like a great animation school, but if you go there and look in resources there are a couple of ebooks that contain most of the posts from - the second ebook also has some extra pics that aren’t on the blog. There are also some webinars that you can watch, most are chats that you may or may not get much from but tips and tricks, timing and spacing, geek out with Eric Goldberg, drawn to life, and planning and workflow have some interesting content.

Hello LoopyShane,

thanks for your feedback. I will try to improve the standup once more with your tips in mind.
I will also check out the links once I am back home. Thanks for providing them.

yours monsterkodi

Yeah that looks better. I didn’t mention it before but apart from the weight with him getting up the rest of the animation is well done.

Not sure if you changed the movement but the camera angle hides it and the cube may distract enough to help as well.

Haha, this robot is pretty cool! I find it hard to tell whether you should go for more realistic materials or not.

Thanks for the feedback!

@LoopyShane: you are right, i didn’t change the animation. I figured I can tweak it forever, but I prefer to continue with the script. After all this is just for fun, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Good to hear that I my animation skills don’t suck completely :slight_smile:

@wooden dog: I spent some hours yesterday tweaking the material. I am not sure if this will be the final version. But I know that I am quite reluctant to add textures since this would add a lot of complexity. For know I will keep it as simple at possible.

It is so sad :slight_smile:


I got some more animations done. Still a little rough, but nice enough to show it. The movie is a little bigger this time (16Mb), but I guess in these broadband times that doesn’t really matter anymore :slight_smile: Feel free to comment.

have a nice weekend, yours monsterkodi


I can’t view the animation! It says I am missing a plug in but doesn’t say what :frowning: Anywhere else you put it? Looks really great so far!

Hi BlendFAce. I guess you are using a Mac? Anyway, if you download it (right click and “Save Link As …”), you should be able to watch it in the VLC player. Let me know if that doesn’t work either.

Edit: If I am right and you are using a Mac, you could also install Perian ( which enables Quicktime to play avi files.

I installed perian… But I can’t play it can you help somehow?
Edit: I got it nevermind! :wink:

Some reason why you are not using Vimeo or Youtube?

It would help us give feedback if you would upload these somewhere we could watch them. :yes:

No, no particular reason. I was just lazy and didn’t expect people to have problems watching it.
But since you requested it, I uploaded it to vimeo:
Let me know if you still can’t watch it.

Another small step forward.
I am slowly getting my head around the Node Editor and I think the result is quite nice.
As always, feedback is appreciated. or


Not sure if someone is interested, but I am posting my latest test render anyway :slight_smile:
Here it comes: or

I like very much where this is going :slight_smile: especially the way the bot goes to build

NICE! I like what you did with the cube!
One thing, arount 19-22 seconds, your robot seems to magically rotate around the cube. If you look really close they you see the top of the cube rotate, but it is hard to see because of the camera angle. SO, move the camera up a little i think or maybe down, well experiment i guess.