Little Robot (falling down the stairs)

Ok this is a small project me and 2 friends have been working on. It was just meant to be practice on animation, modelling and creating a good workflow in general. Modelling of the robot was done in 3Ds max. Everything else in Blender
Rendered in Cycles making good use of baking to keep rendertimes low on a GTX680. (1min max/frame)

Enjoy and if possible tell me what to improve next time. Any comment is appreciated :smiley:

Cute! I like how it ends :smiley:

Haha! Love this, very humorous!

Funny! Wish I knew what that button does.

That was about the only thing I felt was left out of this :smiley:

to be honest i have no idea what this button does xD. The original idea was to just let him fall down and then end there but we felt like this was not enough so we needed a pointless task that he has to do on bottom so he needs to get back up again :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nicely done, good work.

That is very cute…and I think that you could, easily, follow that up with one about what the button does. :slight_smile: Nice work.

nice animation, I like sounds…

Did not that button open the closed door?

Cute! But, the world wants to know, what did the button do?

I really like the way the sound effects sync with the animation. When he hits the floor after bouncing down the stairs, I think it would look better if he rocked or bounced a little before coming to a full stop.